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Well run insurances offices need more than just record keeping. Agency Management needs to include tools that make running the business easier and more profitable. Document management should be part of the system so that time wasted on handling paper is eliminated, as is misfiling of important documents. Taking that a step further, routine tasks, like creating an ACORD form, need to be as automatic as possible to reduce time spent filling in the blanks.

Successful agents recognize the value of fast friendly customer service. Software designed for agency management must help retain existing clientele, as well as bring in new business. Something best done through integrated Customer Relations Management. Perhaps the most in-demand feature of agency software is flexible lead management to keep opportunities from falling through the cracks. 

ABS Agency Builder does all of the above and offers the greatest number of features per dollar. Prices start as low as $655 per year. That  includes unlimited tech support and product  training. You might wonder how prices can be that low, and still have excellent software.  Simple, stable software that requires nearly no tech support even though our tech support is free. We pride ourselves on giving the best tech support, even though it is seldom required. The software is stable.  By simple, we mean an easy to use, logical user experience. It works the way an insurance office should. By stable we mean the software just works without the need for constant tweaking or calling for help. We believe that software should work for people. People shouldn't have to work for software. Every time you need to do something different because the software requires it, you are working for the software instead of the other way around. The bottom line on our pricing is, we don't need to hire a bunch of people to take support calls. Not for problems, and not for "how-do-I-do-xyz" kinds of questions. Efficiency works for us, and it will work for you too.


Going paperless is the goal of most modern insurance agencies.. Document scanning puts one, or a stack of documents directly into a client's record. If you scan it, it's filed — automatically.  Documents and digital photos received from elsewhere are imported rather than scanned. If you import it, it's filed — automatically. The same is true for images from a USB device such as a camera or cell phone.  Document control is fast, easy, efficient, and as mistake proof as possible.


ACORD forms are one of the most tedious tasks agencies must deal with. Ours are simplified by automatically filling in the blanks from policy data stored in our agency management system.  For example, a form 25, Certificate of Liability Insurance, can be created without typing a single letter. Forms can be printed, emailed, saved, or exported to a file on your computer, or directly into the document management system. Saved forms can be opened for later revision if need be.


Qualified leads are called Prospects whether for a new prospective client or a new policy for an existing one. It is common for an existing client to have more business opportunities than you have on the books. For example, the household where you wrote the auto policy, but did not write other risks, like their home, boat, or even a life insurance policy. In addition to going after new business, cross selling is an integral part of lead management. A new policy for a new client, or a new policy for an existing client, it's all new business.


Running our agency management system in the cloud allows you to work from anywhere there is an Internet connection. There is a slight increase in cost because system administration is done by us  We update your software, backup your data, and make sure the hardware is always in top shape. If that's not for you, it can be run on any number of computers in your office, by as many employees as you have, or ever will have..


Agency management system with built-in productivity.
It doesn't need to be complicate to be good.



Good Customer Relations is paramount to a successful agency. As soon as you pull up a client's record, everything you normally need for customer service should be on the very first screen you see. Our first screen shows client, policy, claims info, Things-To-Do (completed and pending) , logged activities, informal notes, policies in force (and lapsed). You can see all that, and more,  without navigating to a bunch of other windows  This helps satisfy client enquiries without skipping a beat. Not only are phone calls shorter, the customer goes away feeling good about the experience. . A built in word processor with a large letter library speeds written communication. The variety of canned letters anticipate any customer service situation. Letters automatically include accurate policy and client information without needing to type. Composing a letter from scratch can be a real time killer. With our letter library, you can forget about composing letters. Written response can be either regular mail or e-mail. It's even possible to send text messages to their cell phone. In addition, smart agents conduct periodic account reviews with their clients. That process is made super simple with a beautiful printed report designed just for an entire account review. Do it this way to really look like a professional.


Marketing Campaigns are an organized way to go after business for a specific demographic, or to concentrate on a specific product. Campaigns brings in new business, and can also increase Policies-Per-Household. That means better client retention. Special queries shows each account, and their policies by line-of-business. It also shows which LOB you need to close. It's important to know who should be contacted, and which policies to discuss. Mine your own data for the low lying fruit. An automated X-Date report supports straight out prospecting. X-Dating may be old school, but it still works as well as it ever did. Cross selling and going after new prospects are both supported by more than 100 already made queries.


The largest cost in any business is staff, so keeping workers productive is crucial. What does that have to do with agency management systems? There is a hidden cost to operating any agency management system, and it involves your staff.  I'm talking about the cost of lowered staff productivity while they learn new software. The great thing about our software is how intuitive it is. People learn the system quickly because it makes sense. That's a major money saver. Not being productive while learning any new system costs money. It can even cost sales. Because our learning curve is so quick, that cost is less. Furthermore,  staff turnover, or adding a new person, starts the learning curve all over again. ABS saves money because people become productive faster. It continues to save money because people do things faster under normal conditions. That also saves money.


More features per dollar than any other insurance agency management system.

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Still struggling with spreadsheet management?   We can import data from your spreadsheet or contact manager. Switch to a modern agency management system and get so much more than a few sheets of paper.


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