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Price & how to order

ABS Software Order form has all prices and terms, including the cost of optional features. Click the button below to view the form. Clicking the button does not obligate you in any way, it simply displays a document with all of our very competitive prices. If you wish to order, we ask that you NOT email the form. PCI compliance for credit card processing does not allow us to accept credit card payment by email. You may fax or use regular mail for new orders.
If you are placing a new order by regular mail, but are anxious to get started, we trust that the check is in the mail, and we’ll get you going before we receive your payment. Just call us to make arrangements.

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The fax number is on the form, and so is our mailing address and phone number.
Please call (503) 659 6752 if you have any questions or wish to discuss terms.