Agency Business Systems, Inc

ABS Bonus Plan

Referrals can earn you money.

Previously the ABS Bonus Plan was only available to active agency management system users. We are now opening up the bonus plan to anyone who refers an agent to Agency Business Systems, Inc. Bonuses are not awarded for leads. A referral must result in a new fully licensed ABS user. Please use the links below for more detailed information.

 Referral Bonus Program can put money in your pocket.  3/5/2023
• Referral Notification Form can be printed for use with the above. 3/5/2023

Bonus Plan History:

The ABS Bonus Plan is an opportunity for supporters of our insurance agency management system to be rewarded for spreading the word about our software. In the past, we offered a similar program. We simply called a Finder’s Fee. Back then, a fee was given to the agent the new client said had referred them. There were a few cases where the new agent gave credit to a friend who did very little while a different agent had spent time demonstrating and promoting ABS. We think this new program will eliminate that kind of unfair favoritism. Click on the bonus program link above to see how we have tried to assure fairness. Those of you who remember the old program will also see that we have tripled the dollar amount.