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Marketing Campaigns go by several names: drip-mail, wave letters, and others. It’s a concept that works. Send a pre-approach, or introduction letter, then a product, or service, information letter, then a call-to-action letter. After that last letter, a follow up phone call. The plan works if you work the plan. You will grow your book of business. It’s been proven.

With ABS, you can have any number of campaigns going at once. They can be aimed at different demographics, and for different products, and each campaign can be managed by a different CSR or sales rep.

To make the process easy, agencies use our queries to identify a target market based or a suspected need identified by a query, or by demographics. Because useful queries can be complicated, we created over 150 of the most common ones you’ll need. These queries can be filtered and sorted to give you exactly the results you need. One such query every agent can relate to is a list of households with an auto policy but no fire policy. Use filtering to show only those in a specific zip code, or just the ones with email addresses. There’s much more, but you get the idea.

Once you are satisfied with the query results, you can print mailing labels, do a word processor mail-merge, print a report, or export it to a spreadsheet. All of this can be done with a mouse click or two. The results can even serve as a Marketing Campaign’s recipient list.

Third-Party Marketing Firm Support.

There are lots of 3rd party marketing companies that will do mailings for you. Some even do telemarketing. In most cases they want the prospect list in specific formats. Formats such as CSV, or Excel spreadsheets. Some will even work off of a printed report. Once a query has been filtered and sorted to give the ideal prospect list, it can be exported in any format required, including a printed report. Click here for more information about queries.