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Insurance Agency Management System.

Software that automates your office.

More features per dollar than any other system.

  • Efficient
    • • Proven to increase sales & reduce workload.
    • • Easy to learn and use.
    • • ACORD® forms automatically filled in.
    • • Retrieve client and policy info using almost any criteria.
    • • Automate routine tasks — never type anything twice.
    • • Built-in Calendar, email, word processor, web browser, invoices, to-do list, reminders, Carrier Gateway...
  • Affordable    (see our order form)
    • • Training and technical support included.
    • • Modular: Pay only for what you need.

  • Flexible
    • • Easily access data however you want.
    • • Market by product, demographic, line of business or other.
    • • Standard and custom business reports.
  • Secure
    • • Password protected.
    • • Critical data encrypted within the database.
    • • Full-disk encryption supported.
    • • E&O claim protection.
    • • User level access control.

Transfer you current data to ABS Agency Management System.

Use your current data. If you're new to agency management systems we can import data from your spreadsheet or contact manager. If you have another management system we can usually get your data from a backup, even from Internet or cloud based systems.


Agency management system with built-in productivity.

Get ALL information for ANY client in seconds. Search on any criteria (last name, first name, family member's name, company name, DBA name, phone number, policy number, Social Security Number, VIN, and more). You will be astounded at our speed and flexibility.

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Management System Features
ACORD® forms pre-filled.
Document Manager: Go paperless.
• Office-wide calendar w/Reminders.
• Automatic task completion logging.
• Standard and custom Reports.
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