Insurance Agency Management System. Software that automates your office.

What should an agency management system do for you?

Ideally, a person with limited computer skills should be able to use it, right out of the box. It should do more than just keep client and policy information. It should anticipate your needs, and automate routine tasks. It should save you time and effort. It should permanently log what you do so there is never any question about what you said or did, and it should do it automatically. It should let you access your data any way you want, without turning you into a computer programmer. It should help you sell, and be flexible enough to focus on any product or demographic. It should help you market, and easily change marketing plans when the last one didn't work. It should give you business reports that help you run your business. It should give you the ability to limit the features a new employee can use, and easily grant them more capability as they grow. It should be modular, so it can grow as your agency does. It should secure and protect the data from the bad guys. It should do at least these things, and not cost a fortune.
With our agency management system, you can have all of the above and more — an efficient, more productive office. You'll be able to get more done in less time for less money. ABS will eliminate the grunt work, and you'll do a better job of sales, service and customer retention. Our intuitive design helps your people get up to speed fast, and that's money in your pocket.

Transfer you current data to ABS Agency Management System.

Use your current data. If you're new to agency management systems we can import data from your spreadsheet or  contact manager such as ACT!, or Outlook®. If you are currently using another company's management system we can usually capture your data from a backup of their database, even from Internet or cloud based systems.

Agency management system with built-in productivity.

Get ALL information for ANY client in two seconds or less. Search on any criteria (last name, first name, family member's name, company name, DBA name, phone number, policy number, Social Security Number, VIN, and more),  You will be astounded at the speed and flexibility of our agency management system.

Agency management system highlights
Highlights (Click for more)

ACORD® forms pre-filled from your data.

Document Manager: Go paperless.

Quick access to policy details — all lines of business.

Office-wide calendar.

Reminders for each employee.

Employee to-do List.

Automatic task completion logging.

Card file for non-clients (friends, vendors, etc).

Standard and custom Reports.

Much more....