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Most affordable.   Fast.   Easy to use.   Quick to learn.   The finest agency management system of its kind - period. 

Available Products:

  • ABS Agency Builder, the basic agency management system.
  • ABS Document Manager, stores and retrieves digital camera or scanner images by client.
  • ABS Receipt Manager create receipts, and end-of-day settlement by carrier and trust account management.

Agency management software designed and priced for small to medium sized agencies with a low annual license fee.  There are no monthly fees.


Feature Highlights

  • Appointment Calendar
  • Reminders for each employee.
  • Task list for each employee.
  • Automatically logs finished tasks.
  • Electronic card file stores info for non-clients (body shops, friends, relatives, vendors, etc).
  • Binders, Certs, Evidences, Loss Reports in seconds.
  • Huge library of standard insurance letters.
  • Production / sales reports.
  • Reports for new and renewal business premium, and  commission.

An insurance agency management system should work the way you do. That's why our automated marketing campaigns help your business grow. Our follow-up system helps you retain clients through top notch customer service with almost no effort.  Increased efficiency means more profit.


You will be astounded at the speed with which even the largest agency can access client and policy information.  A couple of mouse clicks will produce pre-filled binders,  certs, loss reports, etc. Your staff will love the huge time savings because letters are also pre-filled from the database.  You can use our huge library of letters, or create your own to expand what we supply.



Forget about Error and Omission losses because routine activities like printing a binder, or sending a letter are automatically logged. Even conversations are documented in seconds.