Agency Business Systems, Inc

Introduction (10/6/2017)

Why an ABS blog?

Simply put, to help our users be more proficient with the software. User expectations are different today than when ABS first started in 1994. What we now call applications used to be called programs. Software distribution was done on diskettes or CDs. Users expected printed manuals, or at least a printable disk file. Now distribution is done via the Internet, and user manuals are installed with the application, or only available on-line.

Times have changed, but most people tend to avoid printed manuals.They’re easy to misplace, and when in hand, what you need is either hard to find, or what you are seeking goes by a name you can’t remember. Perhaps that is why many of our users tell us they only use certain features of the program. There are features that some users don’t even know exist. This blog series will fix that.

Today people tend to turn to the web for quick answers, so we hope this new blog will help you become more proficient. The manual is still available, and can be browsed from within ABS Agency Builder.  There is also a link to this blog from within the program in hopes that you will use it regularly.

Topics to expect.

Through our tech support and refresher training, we have identified a number of features that many offices did not know were available. In some cases they knew the features were there, but were too timid to try them. For now, the blogs will be aimed at those features. I can’t list them at this time. We are still trying to prioritize their importance, and hit them first. What I can tell you is, everyone in your office should check back frequently. We are confident there will be a lot of information here that will help your office efficiency.

The topics we create will be dedicated to features of ABS Agency Builder and its support programs. The use of the Windows operating system is way beyond the scope of this website and won’t be covered. However, we will include coverage of standard Windows functions that you are expected to use with our software. For example, keyboard shortcuts for copy, cut, paste, undo, and those kinds of things. We will not cover things like how to setup your network, or how to use 3rd party software.


We will release a new blog as frequently as time permits. At first, they will probably be a more frequent as we try to cover some of the more important topics, or program features that seem to be frequently overlooked. We will do our best to have a new article at least once a week. Check it out early in the week because we will probably write the article over the weekend.