Agency Business Systems, Inc

Account Review Form.

We’ve had an Account Review document for a long time. However, with version and later, it  is now easier to prepare for the interview. The document is available under the Report menu on the main screen (Reports>Account Review). It’s express purpose is to give you a document that can be used when you hold your periodic coverage review with your insured. 

The document is automatically filled with information about family members, policy information (such as risk description, coverage limits, renewal dates, insurance company names, policy premium, etc) and recommendations from you. Speaking about recommendations, perhaps the feature that helps you the most is the automatic recommendation generator. The program applies artificial intelligence to the process. It instantaneously evaluates all policies taking into consideration the value of the risk, the coverage limits, and policy premiums. Recommendations include suggesting coverage adjustments, getting more protection by adding an umbrella, and adding physical damage coverage for more valuable risks, and more.

The recommendations made with version, and later, are more detailed, and include more information the insured should have about their risks. Recommendations are specific and well worded. However, you have the ability to edit them to change wording or add your own text to make it more personal. If you haven’t tried this report, you should do it now. You’ll be impressed.