Agency Business Systems, Inc

FAQ: General user questions

Frequently Asked Questions often voiced by ABS users.  Answers to more technical questions can be found here.  Answers to ABS-Cloud questions can be found here.

I can’t log in because there are too many users connected.

There can be several causes for this, but the simple solution is to restart Windows on the host computer, the server. Before restarting, make sure everyone has logged out of ABS.
IMPORTANT: Restart even though you may shut down at night. They don’t do the same thing.

How do I create mailing labels?

Mailing labels for bulk mailings are created from the Predefined Queries. Once you have selected and filtered your query, simply click the Mailing Label button at the top of the screen.
To create a single label for a single client, click File » Print » Single Label.

How can I add a new workstation?

A full installation manual is here. It covers the server (Host) setup, as well as client workstation installation. Follow the instructions to the letter, especially step 14.

How can I change the word processor return address?

Templates control the layout of letters. To edit the ABS word processor templates:
1. Open word processor (pretend to print a letter to anyone).
2. Click Edit » Templates
3. You should find 4 template files.

How do I backup my data?

ABS Comes with an easy-to-use data backup utility. It can be run manually, or it can be scheduled to run unattended. There are very complete instructions in our user manual. Do not rely on external, 3rd party backup system unless they are used as off-site storage for the backup file made by ABS Data Backup. This is important.