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FAQ: ABS-Cloud

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about ABS-Cloud, the best solution for agency management from remote locations. Click here for answer to general questions, and here for technical questions.

Can I get my own backup copy of my database?

Yes. Unlike most other cloud based system, there is no charge to download your own backup. You can download a backup anytime you want. It only takes a single mouse click. There is no limit on how many times you can get a backup. By the way, we backup your data every night. Even so, you can get the most recent backup with a single mouse click. We believe the data belongs to you, and you shouldn’t have to pay us to get a copy of your property.

Will my data be secure?

In addition to your ABS User ID & Password, a unique User Name and strong Password must be entered before you can access your Cloud Account, and that’s before you get to the ABS login window. As always, you should use strong passwords. They should have eight or more characters of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Example: AbsRØcks!

Can I still use ABS options such as Document Manager, or Receipt Manager?

ABS works in the cloud just as it does in your office. Those options are available and work like they always have, only they are in the cloud.

What’s the cost?

The ABS Software License fee is the same in the cloud or your office. However there is an additional charge for hosting the software in the cloud. Our strategic partner, Cornelius Concepts, LLC, handles the cloud hosting. They charge a small monthly amount for each user with discounts for agencies with 5 or more users.  For details and current pricing visit:

Can I use ABS in the cloud and on my office installation at the same time?

No. You can use ABS on your office equipment, or in the cloud but not both. You can have only one active database, and it will either be in the cloud or in your office but not both.

I’ve been using ABS in my office for years. Do I have to switch to the cloud?

Absolutely not. You can continue to use ABS exactly as you have — no change.  It is simple to move to the cloud if you later decide it’s for you.

I just bought a new computer. How to I install the cloud shortcut.

The complete instructions are here.