Agency Business Systems, Inc

How can I change the server (Host) to a different computer?

You will need the installation manual during this process. It does not cover changing host computers, so follow these instructions:
1. Use ABS Data Backup to make a removable backup of your data.
2. Make sure the new host computer is connected to your network.
2. On the new host, uninstall ABS if installed.
3. On the new host, install ABS according to the installation instructions (especially step 14).
→ 3a. Do a Host installation.
→ 3b. Do not attempt to open ABS yet.
4. Restore the data from the backup made in step 1. You may now open ABS.
5. If the old server is to be retained as a workstation, uninstall and reinstall as a workstation.
Note: if the new host has a different Computer Name, you will need to reconfigure the path for each workstation.