Agency Business Systems, Inc

Policy Information

Details for virtually all possible Lines of Business is handled in great detail. While each policy detail screen is unique to the line of business they serve, they all have the same general layout. That consistency increases efficiency, accuracy, and shortens the learning curve. New users are usually productive with nearly no training.

  1. Each LOB has its own policy screen: Auto, Boat, Commercial, Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Health, Life, Umbrella, Worker’s Comp, and Miscellaneous for really odd policy types.
  2. The top of every policy screen looks exactly the same and has things common to all policies and lines of business. Things such as: status, policy number, dates (effective, renewal, etc.), carrier name, producer, and so on.
  3. The bottom of every policy screen contains policy coverage and information unique to the policy type.
  4. The center of the screen is reserved for covered risks. For example, an auto policy will show info about covered vehicles and drivers. A fire policy will show information about the dwelling, lenders, and so on.

Information from these policy screens is used to pre-fill ACORD forms, which reduces, or completely eliminates typing the same information over again on a form. The same is true for our letter library and Receipt Manager. Receipts are completed with carrier, and insured names, as well as premium. Letter wording is friendly and professional, and includes information taken from these screens. Just about any place that information is needed, it is entered for you.