Agency Business Systems, Inc

Included Utilities

Several utilities are included, even in the base price. They are:

  • Data Backup: This utility backs up the ABS data on demand or may be scheduled to run unattended.  Backups can be done, even while the program is being used. For those who use a third party, off-site backup service, simply schedule this utility to run a little bit before your service is scheduled.
  • Data Restore: As the name implies, this restores the data from a backup made by the ABS Data Backup utility.
  • Data path configuration: Although this is seldom used after the initial installation, it is still important. That is especially true when replacing a server or making changes to a Local Area Network. Of these utilities, this will normally be used the least – only during initial setup.
  • User Administration: This is used by the Agent, or Office Manager to assign employees as ABS users, and to grant or revoke permission for a user to perform certain tasks. It also allows the agent or Office Manager the ability to look up, or change a person’s user id, and/or password. This is the first level of the three tiers of data security.
  • Mailing Label Printer: Naturally, the main program can print bulk mailing labels to clients or prospects. This additional utility takes that a step further. Individual mailing labels can be printed for anyone, even if they are not in the database. Sometimes it is just handy to print mailing labels for people who are not in your database. It’s simple, but very handy.