Agency Business Systems, Inc


No additional charge for our ACORD form package. Pre-filled forms save time and increase accuracy and are included with the basic agency management system. All forms have an amazing level of automation.


Our ACORD© Forms comply with all ACORD standards. There are over 600 forms built into ABS. Because they are built-in, typing is almost completely eliminated. Many fields are filled in without you doing a thing. Carrier name, NAIC number, insurable risk, policy dates, coverage limits, lenders, and certificate holders are a few of the things that are automatically entered for you. Digital signatures are added to forms that need them. All forms can be emailed directly from within ABS.  When ACORD form supplements are required, they can be attached to the same email. Keeping things together makes life easier for you, as well as the person receiving your forms.

ACORD form creation is automatically logged in the client’s Activity Log. You have a permanent record of when the form was created, and who for. The Activity Log is indelible, meaning once entered it can’t be changed. Not being able to alter history makes the log a trusted defense against law suits, or false E&O claims. It’s also a great reference for you to review the type, and amount of support your client demands.

For business or commercial accounts, even the business description is filled in. The commercial policy screen has a field for the description. Enter it once there, and you’ll never need to type it again on an ACORD form. You know how much time that can save.

Reusing saved ACORD forms

Completed ACORD Forms can be saved for future reference, or to document completion. Saved forms can be reopened, modified and resubmitted. Saving a modified form does not replace the original. That means you can keep a history of all forms submitted. Submit-for-approval is a real snap. So is rate shopping with multiple carriers. All you need to do is open the saved form, make the needed changes, and resubmit. It doesn’t get any easier.

ACORD forms in Document Manager

If you have chosen to use our Document Manager option, any completed ACORD form can be instantly filed with a single mouse click. Because DocMan knows who the client is, and the policy for which the ACORD form was created, filing the form and documenting the transaction is completely automatic. Seriously, just a single mouse-click.