Agency Business Systems, Inc

ABS Receipt Manager

ABS Receipt Manager is an optional add-on. It simplifies receiving premium payments by looking up policies and enters all the needed info. This lowers the chance of human error. Single receipts can be issued for multiple policies, even from different carriers. This is optional because some offices don’t have many walk-in premium payments. They can make do with a plain receipt book. Busier agencies may have lots of walk-ins, and need the speed and efficiency this option brings.

This option also creates end-of-day settlement reports. They summarize transactions by Carrier and Client and provide grand totals that help manage Trust Accounts.

Anti-fraud safeguards are included. When a receipt is printed, it is automatically logged with date, time, who received the payment, the client’s name and policies paid for. In the case of a voided payment, the same kind of logging takes place. Those activities are also included in the end-of-day report. We can’t stop people from being dishonest, but we can make it more difficult for them. Especially if they know there is a trail of their actions to trip them up.