Agency Business Systems, Inc

ABS Calendar


The ABS Calendar (pictured here) is built into the software and included in the price. You have the choice of using this calendar, or Microsoft® Outlook (Outlook is loosely integrated with ABS). One of the big advantages of our calendar is that it can be used by everyone in the office. Each person can keep their own personal schedule. However, all appointments can be viewed side by side in day, week, or month view. This is perfect for scheduling staff meetings or maintaining another person’s events. If someone is absent, anyone in the office can pick up the slack, or reschedule their events. We believe the version of Outlook that does this kind of multi-user, full-office support is an expensive proposition, especially when most of those features are built into your management system and included in the price.

As with most digital calendars, this has reminders, appointment classification, and multiple views. Appointments can be exported to Google® Calendar. This is a powerful and easy-to-use tool.