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ABS Word Processing

The ABS Word Processor is full featured and easy to use. It’s not just a simple text editor, like so many management systems try to pass off as a word processor. ABS-WP was first created for those who didn’t have Microsoft Word. Even though Word can also be used with ABS, this is about the ABS Word Processor.

ABS-WP can handle anything a normal insurance office needs. Most offices use it because it is so simple yet so good. It can handle everything in the ABS letter library, plus anything else you dream up. If you find something it can’t do, it is easy to switch between our word processor and Microsoft Word™.

ABS Letter Library

We include all the standard letters you routinely send. When you pick one from the list, the text is automatically inserted into the body of the letter. No typing. However, in some cases, you may be asked to insert some value it doesn’t already have. For example, if the letter is about a single vehicle, but the client has several, you may be asked to pick which one. You don’t need to type the vehicle information. You just pick the one you need from a list. The word processor does the rest. It’s that simple.

This Cancellation Confirmation letter is one such example. Click on the image above to get a better view. All the the text was created by ABS, including the cancellation date, policy number, and the vehicle information. Because ABS knows what letter you sent, and what was in it, it automatically documents the letter in the Activity Log.

The extensive letter library handles nearly every eventuality. The Cancellation Confirmation letter is just one example. Also, you can customize any of the standard letters because it is opened in the word processor. There you can tailor the text however you like.


There is another great advantage to having such an extensive letter library. Of course it simplifies communicating via standard mail. However, letters in the library can be sent by email. Naturally, you must have entered the email address into the customer information.

Custom Letter Library

In addition to the standard letters, you can create your own letter library. Many agents create their own letter library to be used in Marketing Campaigns, and other activities that are exclusive to them. It’s easy to do.