Document Management

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Document management via ABS Document Manager.ABS Document Manager is an optional add-on to ABS Agency Builder, the main program. It is optional because not all agencies wish to automate document storage and retrieval, often referred to as a paperless office. This is perhaps the most automated document management system of its kind. Not only does it automatically assign the acquired document to the account, it also lets you further link it to policies or family members. This additional linking iallows automatic document reorganization in the event of a split household (divorce, etc). This is a bigger deal than you might think.

Other systems require you to manually move documents when splitting a household. Let's say there is a divorce. Most other systems require you to create a new account, then add the member(s) who moved, then delete them from the old account, then do the same with auto, and other policies that were also moved, then (if you remember) you'll need to do something similar with the scanned documents.

That entire process is automated with ABS. It saves a ton of time, and virtually eliminates human errors. For example, with the Split Household utility, you simply enter the new address and identify the person or people who are moving to the new household, and ABS does the rest. It creates the new account and moves the family members you've picked from the list. In the process of moving the family members, it also moves anything linked to them, including their documents. For example, copies of the appraisal for the diamond necklace the wife inherited from her aunt Martha. Or, the auto policy on Junior's car when he moves to his new apartment.

With ABS, the tasks that could take you a big chunk of an hour with another system, are done in seconds with a single transaction. ABS helps you keep things from falling through the cracks. You should never need to scratch your head trying to remember who Bill, or Suzy used to live with so you can go to the old account to find something that should be where it belongs -- automatically. Almost any kind of document can be stored; graphic images (.jpg, .png, .bmp, etc), Adobe Acrobat documents (.pdf), Microsoft Word documents, and digital camera images, which are stored as a standard graphic image. ABS Document Manager is also capable of doing substantial image editing of the graphic images, such as adjusting contrast and brightness, cropping, shrinking, rotating, and other editing functions.