ABS Referral Bonus Program

The ABS Referral Bonus Program will pay the referring person [you] $150 for every agency you refer who buys an ABS Agency Builder Software License and keeps it in force as specified in item 6, below. In other words, we will share roughly 20% of initial license fees when you give us a referral that results in an ABS customer. You do not need to be a current user of our agency management system to qualify for this bonus program, but you must submit a completed ABS Referral Notification Form. See the procedure, below. 

1.  You must notify ABS of the agency/agent you have referred. Notification of the Referral must be done using our notification form. This is step one of the ABS Referral Bonus Plan.

2.  ABS will contact the Referred Agency to help answer questions you did not address, and to help you earn the bonus.

3.  Referred Agency must also indicate, on the order form, who referred them. This will help determine who gets the bonus if the agency is referred by more than one Referring Agency.

4.  Information provided by the referring and referred agency must match in order for the Referring Agency to qualify for the Bonus Program award. This helps make sure the effort of the Referring Agency is rewarded and not someone else.

5.  If more than one Referring Agency refers the same agency, we will do our best to be fair. We will use information from your Referral Notification in combination with the Referred Agency's order form information. We will try to award the bonus to the agency who worked hardest. For example, if Agency A did a 45 minute demonstration, and Agent B simply provided our phone number, Agency A wins. If the effort appears to be the same, we may confirm the effort with the Referred Agent. We reserve the right to split the bonus payment in the event of an absolute dead heat. To avoid these complications, fill out the order form for your referral and send it in. You can leave the payment area blank if your referral would rather deal with us directly. We'll call them.

6.  Bonus payment will be made after the Referred Agency has kept the license beyond the Money Back Guarantee period (30 days) or, if a payment plan has been chosen, after the Referred Agency has paid at least 50% of the full annual license fee.

The ABS Referral Bonus Program is not an offer of employment nor does it give anyone the right to represent themselves as an Agent or Representative of Agency Business Systems, Inc.