Feature Overview

This feature overview only scratches the surface. When it came time to list the features for this web page, we had a hard time keeping down to a reasonable size for the page.

Policy detail record keeping for:
• Auto.
• Boat.
• Commercial.
• Earthquake.
• Flood.
• Fire (homeowner, mobile, etc.).
• Health.
• Life.
• Umbrella.
• Worker's Compensation.
• Financial/Investment.
• and others.


Commission Tracking.

Automatic renewal date updates.

Single click send email to client.

Things-To-Do list per employee.

Employee task reminders.

Scheduled office-wide reminders.

Automatic log entries.

Manual log entries.

Log entries can't be deleted or altered.

Account level user defined fields.

Policy user defined fields (every LOB).

Pre-filled ACORD® forms.

Unlimited premium finance policies.

Inter-office messaging.

Large letter library.

Create custom letter library.

Personal prop. replacement guide.

Instant return to prior account.

Undelete accounts & Policies.

Automatic veh. make model lookup.

Automatic lien holder lookup.

Auto premium finance co. lookup.

Property Management List lookup.

Show client preferred language.

List family member & relation.

Automatic City lookup from Zip.

You can customize all drop-down lists (i.e. BI, PD, Comp, etc.).

Maintain employee HR information.

Commission Reconciliation tools.

Quick policy count statistics.

Detail policy statistics by Carrier.

Customer locator (you choose: Google Maps, Bing, or Mapquest).

Open Carrier web site directly from policy information.

Card File for non-client contacts (i.e. glass shops).

Marketing Campaign event reminders.

Simple predefined query generator.

Powerful yet easy custom queries.

User definable custom report generator.

Selection of standard business reports.

labor saving tools & Settngs.

Office-wide, multi-person appointment calendar.

Customer lookup by almost any field.

Enormous phone number storage.

Simple Certholder assignment from drop-down list.

Optional Document Manager.

Optional Receipt Manager.

and more...