Account Review

Why do it

Conducting an account review on a regular basis serves several purposes. It keeps you in contact with your insured and is a terrific relationship builder. It helps them remember to contact you instead of the guy on the TV ad. It also is a perfect way to assure that your client has adequate coverage. You already know that protects you from E&O claims. It's also an chance to write new business that might otherwise be missed.

Automating Review Material

AccountSummarySuggestionSmart automation  eliminates most of the time spent preparing for the review. Being a smart report, it evaluates the type of policies,  coverage limits, and risks. Then, our proprietary algorithm prepares a well worded recommendation you can give to your client. You can accept the recommendation, as is, or modify it based on your knowledge of the client. In this example, the wording of the recommendation was created entirely by our software. It will be printed on the review report. Most people use the text as is, or make minor modifications.

On the right is a second text editor. It is reserved for things you already know about the client. Things that show you understand their hopes, goals, and significant things happening in their lives. For example,  while scheduling the appointment they may have mentioned that their child was moving out to start college. When important things happen, parents are often anxious to discuss how it impacts them. It this case it could be remodeling the empty bedroom, or getting an additional vehicle for Junior to have while away at school. You could enter something as simple as: "Let's discuss Junior's new car."

If there is nothing concrete to discuss, leave it blank. If there has been, or will be a significant event, let your creative juices flow. Enter something that specifically pertains to them. People like to know you are thinking about them.

Resulting Account Review Report

This is a sample report. The contents depends on the data on the policy screens, and the information recorded about the household. Similar reports are available for strictly commercial insurance policies. By the way, this report was created in less than 15 seconds, beginning to end.

Account Review Report