Data Security

Protecting your data is of prime importance to us. Assuming you follow suggested procedures, an unauthorized person must hack through several levels of security before they can gain access to your database. Recent NSA studies prove that even the best encryption and security measures can be defeated. The value of security measures is that cracking the code takes time and effort, so the harder the data is to crack, the more likely the bad guys are to give up. With ABS, they would have to work very hard to get through the various levels we have put in place, assuming you do your part.

Security Level One is when you re-assign the password that gives access to the ABS Administration program. When we distribute the program, everyone has the same admin password. If you don't change it, everyone can get in. Once in, they can read the User ID, and Password you assigned to all your employees. This is Password one, which you assign.

Security Level Two occurs when you use the ABS Administration program to grant your employees access to the program. That's when you assign them a User ID, and Password. It is important that you create secure passwords. This is User ID and Password two, which you assign.

Security Level Three exists within the database itself. The database does not allow access without being given a secret password. The ABS program gives that password to the database in private. Only ABS knows what that password is, and their lips are sealed. You do not assign this Password, nor do you have access to it.

Security Level Four is encryption, which also exists within the database. It is intended to guard against identity theft in the unlikely event some bad guy were to actually hack into the database. Assume they did, they would not find any useful information. Social Security Numbers, and Driver's Licenses are encrypted, so they would look like gibberish without the encryption key, which we don't give out.