ACORD Forms are pre-filled saving time and effort.


Acord FormsABS ACORD Forms comply with all ACORD Corporation standards. There are over 600 forms built into ABS for quick access and completion. Because they are built-in, your data entry is almost completely eliminated. Most fields are filled in without you doing a thing. Risk , policy data, lenders, and certificate holders are entered for you. Digital signatures can be added and the form can be emailed directly from within ABS. When form supplements are required, you can attach the supplement to the same email as the original document. Keeping things together makes life easier for you, and the person receiving your forms.

Completed ACORD Forms can be saved for future reference, or to document completion. Saved forms can be reopened, modified and resubmitted. Saving a modified form does not replace the original. That means you can keep a history of all forms submitted. Submit-for-approval is a real snap. So is rate shopping with different carriers. It really doesn't get any easier.

Perhaps the most pleasant part of this package is the price. ABS ACORD Forms is a no-charge feature of the software. No additional charge for forms that are pre-filled, and can be emailed with a click of a button -- now that's a sweet deal.