ABS Agency Builder® 

An Agency management system that keeps all client information visible on one screen for easy lookup and fast customer support.





ABS Agency Builder user interface - modern agency management system.
ABS® main screen showing account information and several policy screens all at the same time.

Our insurance agency management system uses the latest technology, not warmed-over old software. Account and multiple policy screens display at the same time.  You can see all Lines of Business without closing one screen to see another. That includes all P&C screens, commercial, Life, health, marine, work comp, and financial securities.

Many agency management systems are known to be hard to use. Ours, on the other hand, is easy to understand and use. Your learning curve and time-to-productivity is low. We offer the latest advancements in human/machine interaction as well as advanced database technology.

It really is not necessary to close policy screens, even when you navigate to a different client's record. The policy screens immediately update to show the policies for the new client. They adjust automatically. For example, let's say move from an account that has a life policy, but the new account does not. The life policy screen will simply be empty. Not having to open and close windows is a big time saver.

Agency management systems highlights

All versions of Windows

Our agency management software works with all current versions of Windows. Even a MAC™ that runs Windows™.

ACORD© Forms:

Forms are prefilled from agency, client, and policy data. Send forms with a little or no typing. Example: create an ACORD 25 form with not typing at all.

Document management

Organizes photos, scanned documents, and other e-documents for simple, rapid retrieval.

Easy Custom queries

Easy cross-selling. Proven marketing campaigns target prospects and products. 

Commission Accounting

New business, renewal, and policy changes are calculated for agency income, split, and shared commission. Production reports even handle mid-term changes.


Office Automation & CRM:

Huge Letter library, automatic policy renewal, activity logging, task reminders, inter-office messaging, and more.

Business Reports:

Production reports. X-date solicitation lists. And more.

Custom & Standard Reports:

Over 100 pre-defined queries can be customized to produce an endless number of reports. Print them as-is, or design your own report.

Customer loyalty:

Established in 1994. Most users who started way back then, who haven't retired, are still using our agency management system.