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ABS Agency Management software eliminates paperwork.
You get the idea.

Our agency management system consists of three main modules, the main program and two optional add-ons.  ABS Agency Builder® is the main program. It is very affordable, and may be used without adding any of the other modules. It is so feature rich that many agencies use only the main program. However, you can add more capability if, and when you need. You can expand the program's power by simply adding an optional module. You don't need to buy a whole new software system, and start the learning curve all over again. Our system grows as you do. The base program by itself is ideal for start-up agencies, smaller offices, and most direct writers. Larger offices usually add modules to satisfy their increased demand.

Speaking of larger offices, our insurance agency management software is a multi-user, networked application. That means it can be used by any number of employees at the same time. With an inexpensive server add-on, it can even be used by remote, or satellite offices. It can even be run in the cloud. Our software was designed from the very beginning to be a high-performance, multi-user application. That means, the system does not slow down as you add additional employees. It maintains the same high level of performance with 100 users as it does with 2 or 3.

There are two key points:

•  You only pay for what you need instead of being forced to buy a huge package loaded with things you don't need. If you are a growing agency, you can add modules as you need them, and save a lot of up-front money. The basic program is very powerful, and may be all you ever need. When it's time to add additional options, they are very affordable. Up-sizing is easy, and it won't break the bank.

•  If you are already a well established agency, ABS Agency Builder with the additional modules will satisfy your agency management needs, and not cost you a bundle.

Standard Feature Details

The base product is extremely powerful insurance agency management software. Take a look at only a few of the standard features. Click the links below.
Policy Details
ABS Word Processor
Office-wide Calendar
Data Security
Other included utilities

Optional Modules

The base product includes everything except the optional modules. They're inexpensive, but add great power to the system.

Document Manager

Receipt Manager